Biomedical Genomics Core Services

The Biomedical Genomics Core provides a complete solution for genomics research, from the initial steps of experimental design to the production of high quality, comprehensively analyzed data sets. An overview of our services is described below.

Sequencing Services

The BGC Sequencing Unit has over five years of experience with next-generation sequencing analysis and has been providing Sanger sequencing services for over ten years. We assist investigators with multiple aspects of next-generation sequencing, including library preparation and sequence generation, and provide guidance with regard to the bioinformatics required for analysis of these complex genomic datasets to advanced bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of results provided by our BGC Bioinformatics Unit.

The core is equipped with the very latest Illumina HiSeq 2500 sequencing system which is capable of producing 600 billion base pairs (600 GB) of sequence data, enabling us to sequence 5 human genomes at 30X coverage in a single 11 day instrument run. For smaller genomes the core utilizes the Illumina MiSeq Personal Sequencer which has an 8.5 Gb output in under 40 hours. Additionally, the Life Technologies Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM) Sequencer, powered by Ion Torrent semiconductor chip technology, can rapidly produce up to 1 GB of 200 base pair read in less than 5 hours of run time.

sequencing machines

We are a certified service provider for SureSelect Capture technology, a genome partitioning strategy that allows investigators to target their sequencing strategies to defined regions of the genome or the entire human exome.Ā  We also now offer Haloplex Custom Capture for targets of 5MB or less!

sureselect machine

The BGC sample processing workflow begins with a consultation with the Core's Director, Peter White, or the Technical Director, David Newsom, ideally before the experiment is conducted. Appointments are available on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and should be scheduled via Pat Black.

Summary of Two-Color-Hybridization
Summary of Two-Color-Hybridization.

Array Services

Through a validated pipeline of state-of-the-art genomic research tools we provide a complete solution for genomics research from initial consultation and advice on experimental design to final data analysis and publication.

  • Consultation: We provide consultation and advice on experimental design, sample preparation, data analysis and interpretation.
  • Sample Quality: We work with our clients to help them produce high quality samples and all samples undergo vigorous quality testing prior to analysis.
  • Labeling and Hybridization: We use cutting edge techniques to label and hybridize samples following strict quality assurance guidelines.
  • Array processing and image analysis: We wash and scan all arrays under tightly regulated conditions, using the latest genomic platforms, anti-ozone enclosures and processing technologies.
  • Analysis and Bioinformatics Support: We perform all steps required for data processing and experimental QC, including statistical analysis and guidance with data interpretation.

Our services can be broken down into the following three research areas:

Expression Analysis
Our most popular service! Using technologies from Agilent we are able to generate comprehensive gene expression profiles at the transcript level.

Small RNA Expression Profiling
Generate microRNA (miRNA) expression profiles using a robust and highly sensitive microarray platform to obtain a broad insight into miRNA expression and regulation.

Whole Genome Analysis
Through the latest technologies available from Agilent we provide powerful solutions for research in cancer and developmental disorders by enabling scientists to conduct large-scale linkage analysis, association, and copy number studies.

Summary of Two-Color-Hybridization
Summary of Two-Color-Hybridization.